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JM_Chun: @SANGCHUKANGCHU Yes! Lettuce (sangchu in english is lettuce) looks very withered lately…. Hope the medical checkup gets the lettuce growing fresh and healthy~!! kekeke

in reply toCHU(Mighty Mouth) ‏ @SANGCHUKANGCHU Went for a medical checkup at DeungChonDong The Wise Hospital today, the facilities and service was perfect.

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 그래! 요새 상추가 너무 시들었어… 종합검진으로 더욱더 싱싱한 상추로 무럭무럭 자라거라~!!ㅋㅋㅋ

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 오늘 종합검진받은 등촌동 더와이즈황병원 시설과 서비스면에서 최고입니다.

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all KI HOON @JM_Chun
Chun Jung Myung as Hong Ki Hoon in Cinderella’s Sister (2010)

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@JM_Chun @taeccool #MoonGeunYoung & #SeoWoo in Happy Together

I still crack at this one!! haha theyre so FUN!!! :D

"1st Episode of Ko Show Has Confirmed Its Guest Appearance by Jo In Sung and Chun Jung Myung"

Chun Jung Myung guesting in this much talk about talk show is in support for top actress Ko Hyung Jung

Acted in KBS2 Cinderella’s Sister and Glory Jane, Chun Jung Myung’s emotional, touching and solid performance has proved his acting skills and is named the “National Man”. He has captured the hearts of million fans and being called a charming magical man who’s innocent yet matured.

In 2006 MBC drama What’s Up Fox, Chun Jung Myung and Ko Hyun Jung characters were cute and full of imagination. This had gained them the title of “National Siblings”

Chun Jung Myung had kept in touch with Ko Hyun Jung even during his military days. He mentioned that Ko Hyun Jung is one of his most respectable seniors. So, when asked to be a guest in 1st episode of Ko Show, he immediately accepted.

According to the production team, Chun Jung Myung and Ko Hyun Jung are close friends. The shooting atmosphere will definitely be comfortable and relax. Another close friend, Jo In Sung, will guest appear together.

The team is now preparing for the shooting

Chun Jung Myung guest appearance in 1st episode of Ko Show will be aired on the 6th of next month at 11pm.

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Chun Jung Myung will guest on “Noodle Myeongga”

Few of korean actors who love noodles namely Go Soo, Chun Jung Myung, Jung Suk Won and Kim Chang Ryul, are gathered in the last episode of Noodle Myeongga, airing on the 17th, to taste and comment on the cuisine.

Using the theme of “Continuous Story”, Noodle Myeongga features the country’s noodle cuisines with the history behind. Guests who are invited to program include Go Soo, Chun Jung Myung, Jung Suk Won , singer Kim Chang Ryul, stylist Jung Yoon Gi and designer Jang Min Young.

Guests are invited to taste and comment on 8 types of best rated noodles. Each person will then pick the noodle that he/ she likes the most. The program is shot in a relaxed and fun environment.

Go Soo, Chun Jung Myung, Jung Suk Won and Kim Chang Ryul who loves noodle are guest appearing together in Noodle Myeongga. The program will be aired on o’live tv on the 17th at 10pm.

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Below was what Ko Hyun Jung said when she was interviewed in a variety program.

In 2009, Ko Hyun Jung appearence in Golden Fishery had discussed about Chun Jung Myung.

Korea popular actress Ko Hyun Jung appearing on entertainment show Golden Fishery for the first time in 15 years definitely surprised the fans. Ko Hyun Jung admitted she had proposed to Jo In Sung and Chun Jung Myung before.

Being divorced for many years, the host of Golden Fishery curiously asked Ko Hyun Jung about her love scandal with 2 younger co-star, Jo In Sung and Chun Jung Myung. Ko Hyun Jung analyzied the charm of the 2 actors. “Jo In Sung is very positive and modest, we can get along very well. Chun Jung Myung is very charming and attractive, like him very much” Ko Hyun Jung praised.

Ko Hyun Jung also laughingly talked about the funny story of her “proposal” to the two actors. During the filming of Spring Days she always joking told Jo In Sung, “Let’s get married, why are you hesitating?” Jo In Sung always jokingly replied “I don’t like girls that are easy to get” to turn her down.

During the filming with Chun Jung Myung of the high-rated What’s Up Fox, Ko Hyun Jung’s proposal target had changed to Chun Jung Myung. “Chun Jung Myung always pretended to be a kid and answered “I have to go home to get my father’s permission”. He is funnier than me”, said Ko Hyun Jung. “Because they are humurous. If someone feels burdened about a proposal, I won’t joke like this.”

News from 23/1/2009

(note: below should be part of the interview or press con of Ko Show)

KHJ: I told Chun Jung Myung to marry me and guess what he said. “I gotta ask my father….”

Subtitle: Innocent Chun Jung Myung got a little panic on this kind of joke

Kang (note: Should be writer/ producer of Ko Show): Chun Jung Myung had filmmed with us on “X-Man”, he’s really a charming and attractive man. He’s attractive even in the eyes of a man, why didn’t you get attracted to him?

KHJ: Why didn’t I get attracted? I mentioned that I like him. “Jung Myung ah, unnie really likes you”. Like them, like them both

(Korean articles that were translated into Chinese in CJM baidu & translated into english by Dorcas Liew)

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Chun Jung Myung & Jo In Sung on SBS ‘The Ko Hyun Jung Show’

Actor Chun Jung Myung will guest appear in Ko Hyun Jung’s “Ko Show” (note: not Go Show as stated. It’s named after KHJ) together with Jo In Sung. Premiers on 6th April (note: it is mentioned that there’s mistake on the date in one of the later posts), this SBS new program hosted by KHJ has steered much attention especially on the guests.

As friends of Ko Hyun Jung, Jo In Sung has confirmed his appearance followed by Chun Jung Myung. This has attracted much attention and anticipation.

Chun Jung Myung and Ko Hyun Jung who worked together in MBC’s drama What’s Up Fox have stayed close friend since.

It is also reported that Ko Show’s writer (note: i’m thinking it could be producer) is SBS’s Good Sunday’s writer where CJM guest appeared in of one the segments, X-Man.

First shooting is set on 24th March with CJM, JIS and other guests. This SBS new program, Ko Show, will premier on 6thApril, Friday, 11.05pm. On 24th March, JIS and CJM will be shooting the program in SBS’s studio at Deungchon-dong. This is a closed door shooting, not opening to audience.

Translated by: Dorcas Liew
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